2017 Exhibitions:

Delamore Summer Sculpture Exhibition

Garden Gallery Summer Exhibition

St Marks Hall Summer Show

Out Of Nature Sculpture

Haywards Heath Arts trail

Hillier Gardens Summer Exhibition


Mark Stonestreet was born in Singapore in 1971. He studied Sculpture at Newcastle Polytechnic after which he travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and beyond, discovering mediums and methods that would become the foundation of his creative process.

In 2004 he discovered Mamallapuram in India, a village of over 200 stone carving workshops,  the next four years were spent working and living amongst the traditional Dravidian temple carvers of south India. Predominately working in granite, the artisans of Mamallapuram create carvings for Hindu temples all over the world.

“  …… the advantages of life with out distractions, immersed in a culture devoted to the art of stone carving was addictive, it set my working ethos for my practice, and its a place I return to as often as I can, the beautiful stone, a granite/ basalt has become a regular medium for my work……. ”

Returning to Europe Mark found work on restoration projects on Gothic buildings in Switzerland, ran international exchanges and international sculpture symposiums, in partnership with the Indian studio, whilst establishing his studio in the south of the UK.

His UK studio has become a place of learning for many interested in stone carving, facilitating selected student carvers with free studio space, tools and support.

His works can be found through out Europe, Asia and the USA in both private and public collections.

Curriculum Vitae


Exhibition Record

2016 on form 16 Stone Sculpture Exhibition

2016 Bordehill Gardens Summer Exhibition

2016 Doddington Hall International Sculpture Exhibition

2015 St marks hall, summer exhibition

2015 Stone at Stanmer House exhibition

2015 Sussex Prairie gardens summer exhibition

2015 Kings Hill Business Centre sculpture exhibition

2014 Res Foundation, Art Studio, Pallava Symposium

2014 Doddington Hall International Sculpture Exhibition

2014 Stanmer Park sculpture trail

2014 Art Studio India, ECR Monumental Sculpture Exhibition

2014 Pelham House Exhibition, Lewes

2013 Exhibition and auction, the Sculpture Park, Surrey

2012 Royal Landscape Exhibition, Saville Gardens, Windsor England



2013 ‘Pallava Stone carving symposium’, Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

2011 ‘Pallava Stone carving symposium’, Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

2011 ‘Patna Sculpture symposium’, Patna, Bihar, India


Public Works

‘Doe’ – Victoria’s way, Wicklow, Ireland

‘Agni’ – Tamil Nadu India sponsored by L & T Construction

‘Bod’ – Patna City Centre, India sponsored by the Government of Bihar


The Art Studio, India

Res Foundation, Fribourg, Switzerland

Iron Bridge Studios, Carrara Italy

Stanmer Stone Studio, UK