An exciting week

Wall mounted works and indoor pieces

This coming week starts the installation of works around the country. An installation at Bordehill Gardens is set for mid week but before that I will be picking up Thought Lines from Marks Hall, re-polishing and restoring the oak foundations if necessary. The very beautiful Bordehill Gardens exhibition which runs from May to September will have four pieces of my work, Autumn, DoRe, Kelp and Thought Lines.

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At the studio we’ve had a fantastic week. The curators from On Form have visited and I am very hopeful that a fair few pieces of my work will be exhibited with them this year. There isn’t quite the hours in the day for me to get the work finished so Ive called in the reinforcements. Rosie Jones will be helping with the polishing…. Thanks Rosie.


So to the work itself. The wall mounted work, Bang!, Ive written about previously hereWP_20160408_08_22_35_Pro, is forming very well. It has the desired visual impact and this week will be re-polished to match the other piece. There’s work to do on the wall mount too to allow for adjustable angles in relation to fixing.

There are a number of smaller works that I am working on for interior placement. These in part emanate the larger work, but are also suggestions of carvings line by formto come. Line by Form… focusing on a new line that occurred naturally during the process of carving this work . In the future carvings, I will make it more prominent, and maybe even the controlling line of the sculpture.

With Vanishing Point, the precursor to Paise, there is the intense line, on the verge of aWP_20160407_15_43_01_Pro scribble, going to or coming from a point. These works are about the immediate area around a suggested form. By working with the surroundings and suggesting the object , or at least its effect, I intend to draw the viewer into the process.

WP_20160407_15_43_07_ProOpposing lines, a depiction of the basic idea of the series, two opposing lines. Here is the start of the move away from the sharp edged lines, with the rounding off of the form, creating a softer form and allowing the shadows alone to create the lines between light and dark.

Zippa is a break down of the idea that the line creates a form, hereWP_20160407_15_43_16_Pro on a conical surface. Worked in black marble from the north of India, if you look closely you can see the marbling effect. I am very happy with this work. The polishing process however is slightly more challenging than the process I am used to with granite and white marble.

WP_20160407_15_43_21_ProShade is worked in white makarana marble, a very high quality marble from India. Its an amazing stone which emits a very beautiful soft glow. This work takes the line and pushes the boundaries set previously, randomly extending outwards and then constricting again to give an erratic form. Here I am working with one solid line as the stone demands simplicity.

Multi Stack, a relative to Wiz Bang, is where I really got to play withWP_20160407_15_43_28_Pro the idea of line by form and visa versa, allowing the lines to remain unrefined and dominated by the forms that created them, effectively a deconstruction of the line that started the process. The use of different stones has had an interesting effect, lifting the line away from the surface, letting it run along the form, seemingly independently.

Thanks for the interest!